The Ashram complex comprises the Prayer Hall (described in detail under the caption 'Deities') complex and the residential complex. The latter complex comprises dormitories, a dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, storerooms, office room, rooms with attached bath etc. This complex can accommodate more than 50 persons. A beginning has been made with about 10 ashramites, on completion of the buildings. The ambience and quietude nestled in inviting greenery in the ashram, act as spiritual catalysts to all. Before the Ashram complex came up, the spot was a desolate one with no shelter to protect from the scorching sun, no water to wet the parched throats and no communication facilities to access the area. There was a doubt whether there could be any activities in this place, away from all habitation and what appeared to be a 'Godforsaken place'. Little did one realise that this would become the 'God's chosen place'. Even the road from Red Hills has vastly improved. This dramatic transformation has taken place because of the Grace  of  Baba