NEWSLETTER - 3rd Quarter 2018

Dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

            Sai Ram Jai Maruthi Jai Maruthi! We hope that this last quarter has been eventful and full of love and joy! This past quarter was quite busy with Guru Purnima and other pujas and events along the way. We’re looking forward to a festival-filled quarter coming up!

            Guru Purnima fell on July 27th this year, marking a day full of joy and fervor. The morning began with morning Rudraabishekam while chanting the Rudram & Chamakam, all leading up to a Devi pooja in the evening which was done while chanting Lalitha Sahasranama. Both the Shivaabhishekam and the Devi pooja are usually performed for the  Swayambu Shivashakti Lingam, which is worshipped only once a month during Poornimas.  The Vyasa puja was simultaneously carried out as it is a tradition which is followed in all ashrams in which Gurus from different  paramparas are invoked. As always, we made our Guru Poornima function complete by performing the Padha Puja for our Dear Gurumaa. Also continuing an annual tradition, the bag of rice was changed in Dwarakamai in order to symbolize great abundance.

In addition, this year marked a special addition to our ashram. A 36 foot long and 700 kilo heavy, Burma-teak log was brought as the new Dhjwajastambam. This is a Flag-pole  found in temples where a flag is hoisted during annual function. Along with the Dhjwajastambam, the bali peetam (altar for offerings) and vahana (vehicle) of the deity to which the temple is dedicated, is grouped together. The kumbabhishekam of the Dhjwajastambam will take place on Vijayadasami day.

            The preparation of the Dhwajastambam took place on August 30th, during which Baba Pooja was conducted, followed by a Ganapathy Havan and Nakshatra Vastu Havan. Following these poojas, the next step was to relocate the log to its permanent location where it will be raised on the Vijayadasami. However, the log was unimaginably heavy, even with 20 people trying to lift it at once! It seemed like an impossible task for anybody to move it an inch, let alone across the entire temple-side. But miraculously, by divine grace, the log was suddenly tons lighter, and the task finished in just a few minutes. Following this, noon aarti was performed.

            Now, on Vijayadasami, the kumbabishkeam of the Dhwajastambam will be performed. As mentioned before, the vahana of the deity in the sannadhi is placed at the top of the dhwajastambam. For our Dhwajastambam, Nandi Vahana will be placed at top and at the base we will have one devata facing each cardinal direction: Ganapati, Garuda, Hanuman, and Shri Chakra. We look forward to all SSDT devotees joining together on this auspicious day! 

            August began with Janmashtami on August 3rd, which marked the day of Krishna’s birth, and we continued the month of festivals with Ganesh Chaturti in September. Both days were celebrated in our ashram with the same earnestness and zeal as we’ve always done. Janmashtami was celebrated by chanting Vishnu Sahasranamam and Krishna Ashtotram while elaborate prasadams were offered to Lord Krishna at the Panduranga shrine. To celebrate Ganesh Chaturti, we performed a Ganapati Pooja as we have done in the past.


            Upcoming festivals include Navarathri, Vijayadasami which marks 100 years since Baba’s Mahasamadhi, Saraswati Pooja, and Kumbabishekam. At our ashram, one of the key functions performed is on Vijayadasami. On this auspicious day, as all would have read in the Sai Satcharitra, Baba took Maha Samadhi in the year 1918. This denotes a very important and notable and momentous day for all Baba devotees, universally. This year, it will be a three-day function, culminating with a grand affair on Vijayadasami day, the 19th, which will also mark the kumbabhishekam of the Dhwajastambam. Details of the program for Vijayadasami at our ashram are enclosed.

            Following, in December, from the 22nd until the 3rd, our annual December function will take place. Athi Rudram will be performed during these 12 days. As done annually, to bring in the upcoming year, New Year’s Abhishek will be performed to Baba.

            As can be seen, we have a busy and eventful quarter coming up, which should not be missed! We hope to see each and everyone there to join together and celebrate all these events.

            And as always, it goes without saying that the Poornima pooja, Pradosha Pooja, the usual medical camps which take place on every second Saturday, and the weekly Annadhanam are taking place without fail. We thank you all for your continuous support. Here’s to another wonderful quarter filled with love and happiness!

May Babas grace and Maas blessings be showered on us all.

Jai Sai Ram Jai Maruthi Jai Maruthi!